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From the desk of Coach James

Why the UK leaving the EU will damage your health

I'm not normally one for politics, and believe the Government will do what it wants regardless of the views of the people, it works for profit, not to win BFFs. However, after writing my book and studying the work of Dr Bruce Lipton I have come to learn and appreciate the importance of being part of a community.

My book is about trauma and discovery of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). One of the things I suffered with and is quite common with PTSD is disassociation, that is shutting yourself off from the world around you, going into shut down and protection mode, you put a wall up for fear of being attacked. In the book I use a story of my dad listening to the football on the radio and punching the air when his team scored a goal to illustrate my point. I never understood this outburst and found it bizarre – I still do find it a bit strange when people are watching sport on TV and yell, 'Go on my son,' I'm like, 'They cannot hear you.'

A few years later I discovered that people interact with the world around them, via backing a sports team, and yelling at the TV and punching the air, or betting on a rowing team. It's about feeling a part of something bigger that you, and essentially we are 'one world' and all part of the greater whole. This sense of being A community, all working together and reading off the same script is the ultimate unification of mankind, in my view. As Bruce Lipton explains it, our body is a community of 70 trillion cells, and if one cell does not fit into the greater community this is how disease starts. Mankind has been engineered to thrive as a community.

I have explored meta-physics and quantum mechanics, only because I need to know everything, you may have heard of the theory of the outer world being a reflection of the inner world, and vice versa; as above, so below – is the astrology version. We can either choose to believe this or not, but in my exploration of the esoteric sciences I choose to believe a large amount of the data, not all of it however, but each to their own. If you think about the environment and how that influences you, that is an easier way to understand it – I explain perception of the environment and how that relates to trauma and wellbeing at greater lengths in my book.

How does this relate to the UK leaving the EU? It breaks up the community, okay it is not a global community, but it is a community that works in unison, or tries to – debatable at times. As it stands with the EU, each country should work to serve the greater whole (all members in the EU), I say should because I feel everyone has at times, an ulterior motive, but don't admit it. Not that I pay much attention to the news on the TV, but I did hear one MP say, 'think what we could do with the money we save from sending it to Brussels.' An example of putting profit before people, in my view. Britain leaving the EU would compromise trade alliances, further down the line resulting in job losses and cuts because of less demand on exports. Even further down the road we may see rioting again as we did in London a few years ago because the younger generation can't find employment or afford to live.

Once the EU starts breaking up, bickering and gossip will fire up and this is how conflict and war begin. My final word on this is that anything that breaks up the community should be avoided and building up the community should be encouraged, it's for the betterment of mankind as a whole. Everyone is free to make up their own minds but this is my thought on it.

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