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From the desk of Coach James

Why the new year new you fad is so last century, and what you should do instead.

Even before the new year was upon us, my email inbox was bustling with emails about the, 'New year new you', 'Make 2017 the greatest year ever', 'Put the great back in you in 2017.' As lovely as that all is, sorry but no. I am great now – right now. I don't need a new me or the intent to put the great back in – that implies that before it was not great. Do you need a 'New You'; what's wrong with the current You?

I used to work for a nutritional company selling vitamins and beauty products, later I worked for a health and beauty magazine, the new year always was a time to target readers and consumers on ways to start the new year with new products, a new fashion trend, a new diet etc. If you've read my old blogs, my books, or are familiar with my work you'll be aware of my stance on diets and quick fix exercise plans. All these things should be a way of life – not just because there were fireworks at midnight on 31st December, or it's your birthday. Be the best you, be a good you right now, a person who doesn't need upgrading or renewing every 365 days – you are not a piece of computer software, or a mobile phone. Be the YOU that you are happy and in love with all the time. Yes by all means better yourself in a new calendar year, month, or week, but be the best version of you, not a new you.

The media, social, and print are the Beelzebub of our society, infiltrating our mind and psyche with miss-information which is put out there for the good of one thing, the greed of another – things are Photoshopped and bedecked to drive profit. To become a New You entails you'll have to ditch the old you and buy everything to become a new you. Enhance the you who was born on your birthday. My passion is to help the betterment of mankind, not create a new one – a) I don't have the patience. b) Mankind does not need re-newing, just a good kicking into shape. c) to replace something implies that you must first discard or destroy that which you are replacing – with a new version.

I wish for you this new year, not a new you but a happier you. Exercise, diet, take up bowling, whatever makes you feel alive, and nourishes your soul. Take care of yourself today and always, not just because you are following a New Year New You newspaper supplement, or because it's on trend, do it to be the best version of you – a you that will inspire those around you.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, and I wish you all the best for 2017, which in numerology is a year of change and new beginnings – ironic really as I've been saying much to the contrary. Whatever you decide to do, make it marvellous. Wishing you the even more greatness in 2017 and beyond. Don't get off at the New You exit, stay on the road to greatness you are already on, and enjoy the journey ahead of you.

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