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From the desk of Coach James

Why virtual franchising is the future of your business, and how you can work from home stress free.

You may have recently noticed a growing number of empty shop units in a town near you? I went to go to Staples office supplies recently and it was gone. Apparently Staples has now moved online.

With the advancement of technology and the creation of the Internet, the world of yester-year no-longer exists; yet people [baby boomers] still want to live there, or pretend they do.

2017 is a lot different to 1980, when I was born, I remember the clinking of milk bottles as the milkman delivered milk at 5am, but today we get milk in gigantic plastic containers, not reusable glass bottles with foil lids. Some people say it's heritage lost, while other's embrace change and move with the times.

While stores move online, and foil-topped bottles become heritage, are you going with the trend, or clinging onto draconian dogma?

Growing up, I was so intrigued when I heard the term tele-cottaging, in a geography lesson at school – this was in the mid-90s. What did it mean; and how can I do it, I said to myself. It was a growing trend, just starting, of people working from home. It seems that times are catching up with trends.

Having a home-based business is now an actual thing, and you might want to look at it before you get left behind - no one likes getting left behind, especially in business.

Owning a business, and fronting a company can be daunting, and a lot of work. To lesser the fear-factor of owning a company, people sometimes opt to buy a franchise, to be part of a brand, but that requires huge upfront investment before the store can even open.

By having a home-based business, you might think you'd have to miss out on the franchise thing. Well no you don't, times are evolving, and now you can have a, 'Virtual Franchise'. You don't have to get a loan to buy a shop, or higher people to run the place, load up on product for a sexy window display, or get a cleaner to clean the store, and your windows.

Operating under the umbrella of a big company, but from the comfort of your own environment is the future, for some people – I know people who are doing it.

Working from home requires great discipline, and can be very solitary, compared to being in a busy hustling office. I used to work as a journalist in an expansive open-plan office that produced content for a vast number of magazines. I soon grew to dislike the confines of being in a 9-5 job. I also don't like being told what to do, or how to do things. To live life 'on your terms', you need to be your own boss.

Virtual franchising, is the future for those of us who want to be our own boss, but don't want to do the dusting, make the tea, and manage credit control.

Virtual Franchising (VF) allows you the freedom to work from home, while still being under the umbrella of a big company. A bricks and motor franchise requires a lot of micro-management.

For example, say you bought a coffee shop franchise; you rent the shop, have to manage staff, and take on a lot of responsibility, so you can say you're the boss, and work for yourself. While VF means you buy a stake in a company and promote and sell their products from home, or wherever you choose to be, people buy from the company via you, and you make a commission. The company ships the order to your customer and credits you for the sale. You didn't have to hire staff to pack and ship the products, you didn't rent a warehouse to house inventory, and the micro-managerial tasks of running a company, are not your concern.

The beauty of this method of owning a franchise and working for yourself, means you can travel or move around with your business, working remotely on your laptop or phone. Times move so fast now, yet the majority of people still lead a prehistoric existence, of the dogmatic 9-5 office grind – we're not in that era anymore.

Tony Robbins predicts that the next big trend will be towards virtual reality. Everything is going Virtual, why shouldn't business?

If you like the sound of Virtual Franchising and would like to know how to get started, check out this link, or email me using the address provided by following the link.

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