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From the desk of Coach James

Merging mind and body with Dr Joe Dispenza

If you’ve read my second book, How To Heal From Trauma And PTSD: Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming The Person You Want To Be, you’ll be aware of how I followed many steps (events) that led me to a conclusion, and that ignited my research into quantum science – that which is beyond our normal five senses. One of the resources I accredit my healing of trauma to, is meditation – I never thought I would say that. And now I’m merging science with meditation, some may say this is Spirituality.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, was the only book I had read by Joe Dispenza, and it was quite a fascinating read, so much so I got the CD that has meditations on from the book. The meditations were not what I was expecting, so I abandoned that idea. What I have come to realize is, just because we don’t like something at the present time, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future – and this is true.

The journey into health and healing I’m on, has lined me up with a plethora of experiences, leading to getting to know lots of wonderful, like-minded people. And now here I am at another workshop because of events leading up to this moment. When Dr Joe steps on the stage he delivers a talk explaining how our mind and body are connected, and how the space all around us (the field) is linked to us as well – this is where an understanding of quantum physics helps. Dispenza is an outstanding speaker, and unpacks all the philosophy he presents in layman terms.

Dr Joe’s main teaching is how the mind governs the body, more than we think, this is set out in his book, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter. When you understand the principles of how your body and mind influence eachother, then you can do something about it. Dispenza provides practical ways throughout the weekend seminar to take back control of your life, via getting a hold of your mind; this is done with various meditations – the bit I am hooked by – again, I never thought I would say that.

The thirteen-hundred strong crowd, comprising of people from fifty different countries are presented with scientific studies showing how what Joe Dispenza is doing with people, through his workshops and retreats effects the human body. The slides of brain-wave patterns, and graphs, showing before and after results of the meditations and group work, did go on a bit longer than required to prove-a-point in my opinion, but I love how scientific data can prove that, what some people may deem as ‘woo-woo’, actually has a profound influence on the way the body behaves. You cannot argue with concrete data, and that is what I liked, when you can say, ‘well actually we have data to support our theory.’ Dispenza did say to the audience, “And how do I know that? Because I measured it.”

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), is an acronym I’m very familiar with, in competitive sports, and personal-development. It is however not enough to think PMA, or say, “I am happy” until you are blue in the face, and exhausted from forcing a fake smile upon your face. As I reminded my training partner on one occasion, you can’t just write PMA on your hand and expect roses to start blooming in your life, you have to become, and ‘live’ it. Dr Joe brought this fact home by explaining that emotion is key in influencing your mind and body. He said, “It’s like a feedback loop, your body responds to the emotion your mind thinks, and your mind responds to the way your body feels.” Dispenza went on to say, “The best way to predict your future, is to create it.” Invision your future and how you would feel to live like that. As a life coach, I loved this. We feel our worth, and this workshop unpacked and demonstrated what that means. If you feel worthy, then you will behave accordingly. If you feel sad, you will behave thusly.

I feel very fortunate to have been jettisoned off the everyday life path – be it under catastrophic circumstances – so I can live and explore other dimensions to life. It’s not until you reach a certain point in life that you look deeper into the meaning of your existence and how to get the most out of life.

Dr Joe Dispenza demonstrated how our past experiences equal our future reality, we base our expectation on past events, hence that expression, “based on past events.” So, if we are building the future with references from the past, then it’s no wonder we get stuck and frustrated that things aren’t moving in the direction we want them to go. To create a new future, we have to create a new mind, Dispenza teaches, a mind that is not conditioned by the past.

How do we create this new future if we have no reference of it? We build in our mind the feeling of what it will be like when we get there, we feel grateful for the outcome before it has even happened, our brain will figure out how to get there without us even having to know the process.

This concept of giving thanks before an event has been manifested is one I don’t comprehend easily, but on a certain level it does make sense to me. In sports I know that visualisation is a powerful technique many people use in their discipline, Dr Dispenza outlines many examples in his book, You Are the Placebo. During the weekend workshops we were introduced to various meditation processes, one of which was about giving thanks for a future event. You may call this madness, but I do believe there is something in it, especially if you are familiar with The Law of Attraction, which dictates that like attracts like. So if we can become like the thing we want to attract, by law of the Universe, it should come. The hard part in this endeavour is to keep your intention pure without interruption or doubt.

When we are still holding on to events from the past, traumas or anguish, it is virtually impossible to create the new future you desire because the past does not exist in the future, yet we are trying to take it with us – like attracts like, nothing in the future is like the past.

I am currently half way through reading You Are the Placebo, which is very interesting, and explains all these concepts well. I recommend that book, especially if you are not familiar with what I have presented here.

In closing – this was only meant to be a short weekly blog post – I want to share with you a new understanding I took from Joe Dispenza’s workshop, and book. And that is, we become so conditioned by the past we get addicted to the feeling of it, thus sub consciously we recreate conditions, both internally and externally, to what we are used to and familiar with. I wrote about something similar in my book on trauma, someone with PTSD becomes reconditioned to deal with a traumatic or hostile (in the case of war) situation, and even when the event is passed, they still behave irrationally, as they had in the moment of PTSD. That for me is another piece of the jigsaw puzzle slotting into place. A person may be so addicted to the feeling of the past, they cannot move forward, no matter what.

Meditation helps disconnect us from the past, by not staying so rigidly bound to our old patterns, so we can create a new future. You need to break the habit of being your old Self, to become the person you want to be.

For help or further information please do not hesitate to contact me via the links above. Your new future is waiting for you.

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