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From the desk of Coach James

Is your guru as good as your doctor, or is he killing you too?

Most people seem to get by okay, and it’s alright by them to settle for a mediocre existence, and that’s fine, if that’s what they want. A few people, are not like the others, they want more than a mediocre life, they want more from the journey that living has to offer – and why shouldn’t they?

There is a culture of people who are seeking out new ways to live, and turn their dreams into reality. People are challenging the status quo, and stepping outside the box that society has tried to put them in, by way of dogma – this is the way it is, and you will follow the set path of those before you – that doesn’t sit well with them.

Enter the gurus of the new world, who are showing and teaching those who want to get more out of life, how to do it. Not a guru as in Buddha, or a sage who lives on a mountain top, with a snake in a basket, but people with knowledge and information on how to get from where you currently are, to where you want to be. My initial introduction to someone who fits this description was when I was asked to interview Jack Canfield (America’s number 1 Success coach) for Esquire magazine. Since that interview my world changed orbits and I’m now someone – I always have been, but just lacked the resources – who doesn’t except living a mediocre existence, and likes to challenge the dogmatic existence most people seem to settle for.

Along the path to, what I refer to as Greatness, although greatness has individual definition depending on who you ask, I’ve been introduced to a plethora of gurus offering a wealth of services and information.

When you have adopted a high-achieving mindset, information and services on how to help you reach where you want to get to [goals], become like red rags to a bull. Those who are set on getting the most they can out of life go out to accumulate the know how they desire in a bid to get to their end game. Whether it be: books, audio tracks, online courses, retreats, or workshops, there is myriad ways for those seeking Greatness, to get what they want.

With this overabundance of well marketed knowledge based products, there is a downside to wanting to know and be more, to reach your goals. When you dive into self-development books and products, of which there is a continual supply, with new product launces all the time, it is easy to reach a state of overwhelm.

What’s more is, when you delve into a subject it can open a can of worms, leading you down another path of learning, leading to a new subject which was more interesting than the previous, so you go on to learn that, and then something else related to that, and on and on the cycle continues. The never-ending pursuit of learning and discovery is appeased by the gurus selling their digital products, the weekly delivery to the self-help section in your local bookstore, not forgetting web banners and well targeted advertising on social media.

It's a similar situation to going to see your doctor, they prescribe you tablets for one thing, and then that can be the cause of something else because of a reaction to the original medication you were given, so you start taking something else which gives you an upset stomach, so you go to the chemist and get some antacid remedy that gives you a rash, so then you get cream for the rash, and the cycle continues – until the end of time itself.

The Internet and digital market place have revolutionised how the world works. I was born in the 80s and can remember what a genius invention the fax machine was, I was captivated by the magic of my dad’s first bulky mobile phone.

Boldly going into the future armed with all manor of gadgetry and information is wonderful, but so many people are getting lost in it all, consumed by consumerism, disguised as a piece of fruit, that once went with the slogan: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Low self-esteem? There's an app for that.

Or a book, or a course, or a retreat.

Will there be a new revolution of anti-consumerism? Will, ‘Less is more’, be the new guru’s mantra? Is your daily fruit, slowly killing you?

The message that has been strong on my journey, many so-called gurus share is, “Go within, in the quiet you will find what you seek.” Where is the quiet, when there is so much noise from hard-selling advertising for get rich quick programmes, and products to enlighten you to a profitable business?

Will 2018 be the year when you get from where you are, to where you want to be? I will share a personal bit of wisdom that I know for sure – although I don’t always live it. You already are where you want to be, here is where you want to be, here right now, in this moment. If you start learning how to be content right here, then maybe you can stop trying to get somewhere that in the process of trying to get there, frustrates you.

I am aware I’ve rambled somewhat, and I will cease now, but today’s lesson is to know that you are already where you want to be, where you need to be. Perhaps you are just a little bit bored with the circumstances of your current situation, you can change that in a heartbeat, no digital products required. Decide to be where you are right now, be grateful, and be.

Happy New Year. Let's make your life great.

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