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From the desk of Coach James

The one thing you should do to get control of your life

There are times in our lives when it seems like the wheels fall off, we think our life is in turmoil, and no matter what we do, nothing goes our way. We pray for luck, turn over one more oracle card hoping for divine guidance, and the candle you lit for meditation burned so fast wax spilled over and ruined the carpet; simply nothing is going your way. Sound familiar?

The past few months have been pretty much like that for me. I’ve still tried to maintain my daily meditation and gym habits, but even that has been arduous. As someone who has done extensive self-development work, it is quite unlike me to feel flat and empty, to the degree I have recently. I can normally pull myself out of it, but not this time. We look to blame it on the moonlight, or Mercury retrograde.

I stopped to think when this melancholy mood swing that won’t swing away began? I noted that it started gradually over the last few months and has now reached a threshold that is unbearable. I put it down to new medication I am on to loosen my muscles, it was suggested that I try it by my neurologist, and my GP prescribed me the medication on his say so. What was not made clear were all the side effects of taking the drug. When I conducted my own research into the side effects of Baclofen, amongst the extensive list was indeed depression.

So, there it was, a likely cause for my down-trodden sorry state. The doctor said she was unaware of the side effects as it is not a common drug she prescribes. I’m a little surprised that the drug was given to me, somebody who is prone to depression. Had I not done my own detective work and asked myself when this started to spiral out-of-control, goodness knows what mental place I would’ve reached.

The moral of the story is, in order to take back control of your life, you must take control of your life. Become your own detective, ask good questions, like when things started to go wrong, and what change happened around that time. Take responsibility for your life. I personally find that trying to blame it on cosmic events is a cop out, it’s like you’re letting go of the wheel and seeing where you’ll end up. The reason you are dissatisfied in life is likely as a result of a decision you made that moved you to where you are. Don’t throw your power away. The power to be who you are!

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