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From the desk of Coach James

The best way to handle the cost-of-living crisis.

How can you not have seen or heard about the impending doom that’s being stirred up in the newspapers and on the news? Everything it seems is all about wage strike disputes and rocketing energy bills.

The media is quick to tell us all hell is breaking loose; the world is ending. Yet, it never ends. I’ve lived through, at least five doomsday predictions – remember Y2K? Here we are, still doing our best to cope with whatever the world throws at us next.

The recent pandemic has shown how resilient we are as a species, we adapted to the situation as it unfolded, although in hindsight we could have done things better and differently, we survived, for the most part. We can adapt to this as well. We might not like it – many people didn’t like wearing a face mask – but we do what is necessary to survive, as best we can.

It’s the same for this energy ‘crisis’, is it a crisis first of all? What does ‘crisis’ mean to you: for me I just think of impending doom; which this inevitably is not, it might be a tough time to go through, but it is not impending doom. Hopefully the war in Ukraine will end and energy cost will go down again. Or we will adapt to the new normal of whatever that may be.

As somebody who is prone to anxiety, especially around uncertainty the constant reminders in the news about energy costs going up every 3 months is not helpful. Knowing we can adapt and change for the situation we find ourselves in, is a more helpful way of thinking about the situation.

We can change our habits, like instead of binge-watching TV for five hours we could go to bed and read a book for a few of those hours.

This crisis situation, or whatever you want to call it, will hopefully pass and things will get better. The world is constantly changing, and adapting. Humans are designed to evolve and grow, adapting to the environment, maybe this is just part of the human evolution process? We will adapt and survive though, I’m sure of it.


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