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From the desk of Coach James

The secret to living a happy life they don't teach you in school - or EVER.

If you’re anything like me, or the majority of people; you yearn to live a happy life? A life of simplicity, and ease? Then the modern-world caught up with you and dragged you down kicking and screaming internally – “it’s not fair, life’s so difficult, it’s alright for others,”.

Life is not perfect for anyone, there is always something not going according to plan, or things just aren’t working out. You thought you were doing everything right, yet you just aren’t happy with the hand life has dealt you. It’s very easy to look at the Joneses and think, “How come their life is so wonderful compared to mine, why do they get it so good?”

While someone else’s’ life might look easier and better than your current circumstances, you don’t know their full story, and that old saying, never judge a book by its cover, might apply.

There is another great saying that I love, and it can change your life dramatically in an instance, and it doesn’t require a lot of manual labour.

This quote from Wayne Dyer, who I had the privilege of speaking to shortly before his passing, is so powerful. But just what does this quote mean?

It’s basically saying that if you see things through rose-tinted glasses everything will look better than it might otherwise appear to be. If you see things better than they are, then thins won’t seem so bad.

When I was training with Tony Robbins he said, “See things as they are, not worse than they are.” Our mind likes to look for what’s wrong in every situation, so it can find ways to improve the situation – mostly by holding us back, to keep us safe – which sometimes isn’t doable, but we try, becoming frustrated in the process, and don’t even try.

In the arena of the personal development world people often say the thing that has helped them the most is keeping a gratitude journal. Brining to the forefront of their minds things they are grateful for helps them feel contented and not always looking for more, or continuously feeling like they lack something they need to make them feel better.

Returning to what I said at the beginning, it’s the modern-world dragging us down that fuels this feeling of lack. It’s the adverts on TV telling you your life would be better if you had this products, social media reminding you that your friend is having a nice time on holiday, while you’re stuck in a stuffy office drinking cold coffee.

If we learn to see things as they are, not always wish for more – because that tells us we’re lacking something – and be grateful for the moment, life becomes better. When we feel content and at peace with the world your mind stops telling you: something is missing, you’re not enough yet, you need XYZ to be happy. You can relax in the moment and feel at peace with who you are.


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