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From the desk of Coach James

This lesson inspired by a Lego house can help you build your ideal life

Scrolling through Instagram as you do, I saw this classic Lego set that I remember having as a child. I was a big enthusiast of the coloured bricks and yellow people. I had a vast Lego city set up in my playroom; I spent hours building and making things look perfect – it was my imaginary world where order without chaos existed.

When we look back to our childhood, we get insights as to who we are and what was important to us. As we grow older and other things get in the way and our priorities change taking us away from our childhood innocence, we lose touch with ourselves. Who we are gets lost in the humdrum of life and dogma.

Arriving into the Big Wide World as a dazed-and-confused adult, you assume you should have it [life] all figured out by now, feeling lost is not what you thought being a grown-up person would be like. A lot of the people we see around us, seemingly getting on with their lives [making us feel insecure] are in the same boat too, with their own internal quandaries.

Follow your passion is the advice we’re given when we don’t know what we want to do with our lives. Not having clarity on which way to go in life makes us feel stuck and worthless; often causing depression, anxiety, sadness and mental illness.

Looking for meaning and the answer to WHY, often becomes an all-consuming pastime that we get lost in. Seeing that Lego house reminded me of how I used to sit for hours on the bright red rug in my attic playroom creating a faraway land where everything was in alignment. Our past can often reveal a lot about who we are and gives us indicators of who we are. I am a creative person and always have been, I enjoy producing things, the way I do it might not be with plastic bricks, but words allow me to create images in the minds of those who read my writing.

Sociology was a subject of interest to me at school, but it wasn’t on the curriculum, so I did business studies instead. In later life my path diverted back to sociology and psychology, as that is what I am really passionate about – learning and developing ways to help people.

If you feel lost or stuck, lacking clarity of which direction to take your life in, think back to your early years and what you enjoyed doing as a child. Maybe you enjoyed those painting by number project and doodling in notebooks and art is your thing. Not expressing the core of who you are can often become a stumbling block holding us back, once we unleash our true self the lights inside come on and we feel alive again. When we feel alive we are better able to deal with life.


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