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From the desk of Coach James

This simple life hack could save you money and improve your health

Saving money and adjusting to the ever-increasing cost of living seems to be way of life. Everything seems to be on an ascending trajectory at the checkout. Hacking our energy bills has become a dinner table topic

If you’re looking for ways to save money, then this life hack is for you – especially if your mental wellbeing is affected by the rising costs of being alive.

This little life hack is very simple and it’s super on-trend, as you will find out. I first learned about this over a decade ago but I thought there was no noticeable upside worthy of me sticking to it. But when I was living in Thailand, |I had no other option. I was living in the basement of a Thai family’s house, where I was teaching English. I had a bathroom outside with a cold water shower. At first, I thought no way José, I cannot spend four months living like this. But do you know what? You get used to it.

On my lifelong personal development journey, I came across this guy called Tony Robbins – you may have heard of him, he’s a pretty big deal in the personal development space, and I’ve trained with him a few times. Tony said he starts his day by jumping into an ice-cold plunge pool. There are numerous health benefits to a cold shower, or ice bath – athletes do it to aid speedy recovery.

Freeze the Fear with Whim Hof, is a TV show on here in the UK at the moment where a bunch of celebrities embark on some challenges in sub-zero temperatures to push their minds and bodies to the limits. If ice baths and sub-zero challenges aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s something you can do at home to overcome your fears of high energy bills.

Have a cold shower. Simples. You might say, “That’s not for me, I don’t like the cold.” And that’s exactly what I said when I was shown my cold shower in Thailand. In time I got used to it, and there was no other option. Now knowing that cold showers have health benefits, it’s trending on TV with celebrities embracing the freeze, and it save energy, also cutting my utility bills ­– plus you don’t stay in the shower so long, saving water – what’s not to love?

Whim Hof has a breathing technique that is also great at helping you reduce your stress levels. Learning to take control of your own mind is so powerful. We live in a world that seems to be out to drag us down, doom and gloom is rife. If you can control your mind, not let it get influenced by negative media outlets, naysayers, and party poopers, you can control your life and not let it get hijacked by negativity.

Tony said it’s about having control over your brain and mind, when you say to your brain, “Let’s go”, you have to do it. I know when I get back from the gym, I’m not going to wait for the shower to warm up and waste water, I’m going to get in that shower while it’s running cold – and these days I keep it cold. It invigorates you, boosts circulation, and is a wake-up call to your body to get ready to kick ass for the rest of the day. When you tell your brain to Go, your gotta Go and just do it! Remind yourself who's in charge.


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