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James Gardner Mental Health and Trauma Coach

Trauma healing coach

I help people rebuild their lives after trauma, so they can become the person they're longing to be.

Rebuild your life after trauma quick start guide ebook

Don’t be stuck in a life that’s not working for you longer than you have to!

Rebuild Your Life After Trauma: Quick-Start Guide

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Hi! I'm Coach James

Confidence coach

I help people rebuild their lives after trauma, so they can become the person they're longing to be.

As a survivor of three near-death experiences, living with brain injury and a physical disability, I know what it is like to fee lost, hopeless and empty. You want to give up.


Through years of struggle, heartache, and tears, I’ve learned how to find my way out of the darkness. You feel like you’ll never reach the light at the end of the tunnel, and wonder if the struggle will ever end?


People ask me how I’ve survived all the challenges I’ve had to deal with. It boils down to two things; confidence and mindset. They come as a pair.

I’m here to teach you how you can gain the confidence to overcome your challenges and show the world you mean business.

Coach James Gardener
How to heal from trauma and ptsd book cover



From self-development expert James Gardner

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Do you feel as though your life has fallen apart, the wheels have come off?

No matter what you do, nothing seems to work. Are you tired of being tired, and going round in circles?

Have you had enough?

After years of trying to piece his life back together, it wasn’t until someone asked James if he had ever dealt with his trauma, from the car accident? This was the monumental Aha! James had been missing to complete the puzzle of living life again.


Spending two-years researching the psychology of trauma, leading to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), James found the light at the end of the tunnel he’d been seeking.

Astounded that nobody from the health profession had mentioned anything about trauma to him before, James put all his findings about trauma, and life’s wisdom into his second book, which many people have called a ‘game-changer’. 


Five-star reviews, and amazing feedback.

Five star reviews

"A fascinating and informative book. Jargon-free, and backed up with research from some big-named experts."

"An invaluable resource, written by a very courageous and inspirational man." 

Wendy Savage

Work with me

If you are reading this page, chances are you’re here because you are unhappy with your current life, looking for a way to get better and be better?

Perhaps you are feeling as if life’s going on around you, but you’re not a part of it? Maybe you feel stuck, unable to get what you want out of life, feeling anxious and hopeless about the future and angry with the way life has treated you?


If any of the above has resonated with you, just know that there is a way forward, a better future out there waiting for you.


Not many people know that stress and trauma may be the cause of their turmoil. I never knew, I was being held back in life because of the years of un-processed emotional trauma which acted like car breaks, preventing me from making any progress in life.


If you’ve tried myriad therapies, pills and potions to no avail, perhaps you have omitted the underlying issue which is emotional trauma – and your mental health – that’s sabotaging your efforts.


You might be wondering if this can work for you; can it be as simple as working on your emotional trauma and addressing your mental health?


The answer is YES, and I am proof that if you put in the work, you can achieve things you deemed impossible.

There are many gurus and acclaimed “experts” all promising quick-fixes, but the truth is there are not many people who have experienced and lived through intense trauma, so they deliver from a textbook that has little basis on real life.


Getting support from somebody who has first-hand dealings with trauma and can fully relate to you is the most important thing in finding the right kind of help.


I have spent decades dealing with trauma and its emotional aftermaths. Over those years of feeling alone and stuck in a world I didn’t belong in I have sought help from many sources, and tried a plethora of therapies, from Reiki to crystal healing.


Despite all my best efforts I still felt broken until I was introduced to coaching and the world of personal development.


It makes so much sense now looking back on it, but to overcome trauma I had to outgrow it and develop myself to become robust enough to deal with what had happened. Trauma – and life for that matter – can break us, and we cannot deal with things from a state of being broken.


I was first introduced to coaching when I interviewed Jack Canfield, and then years later I did Mastery University with Tony Robbins – which was life- changing. And most recently, I have studied and trained to become a certified professional coach with iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).


I have a vast toolbox of life experience, and learned skills to draw from to help my clients truly become the person they want to be.


Athletes get a coach to help them reach the top of their field. A West End singer hires a singing coach to make sure they hit the right notes on the night and give an audience-worthy performance every time.


Why shouldn’t you have that luxury, too: someone to help you get the best out of your life?


To help you feel happy and fulfilled. Somebody to help, support and guide you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be?


As a coach, I will help you uncover your blind spots that are holding you back, from living the life you want.


It’s hard to see the wood from the trees when you are living in survival mode. It helps to get a new perspective from an expert, who knows the way out of the nightmare you might be stuck in.


There is no time like now, to start creating and living the life you want. Your dreams won’t come alive unless you do.

When you work with me you will benefit from:

I will listen fully to understand you

Support you to get you to where you want to be in life

Give you the space and time needed to get the outcome you want

I want the best for you and will be your cheerleader

"Working with James was an absolute delight. He is so easy to talk to, and he really understood my issue, unlike previous people I've seen for help. I wish I got a personal development coach sooner."


"I reached out to James in a time of crisis, when the career I was going after fell flat through, and I did not know what to do. James was able to help me move beyond that and get to something better than my original goal."


"James really has helped me in dealing with my anxiety and PTSD. He is easy to talk to, and really understands things. I'm so thankful for the progress I have made since working with James."


About James

At aged five, James was involved in a catastrophic car crash which resulted in him sustaining massive brain damage and being left paralysed.

Waking up from a coma, not knowing who he was, James has had to learn how to rebuild his life from scratch, with many challenges along the way; not just physical, but also psychological and emotional.

Through years of physical therapy and determination, James learned to walk and live again as a person. He never felt that that person was who he was or who he was meant to be. 

It wasn’t until James started to address the emotional scars of trauma that he felt truly alive again, with a spark in his swagger.

After some coaching from Jack Canfield, whilst interviewing Jack for a magazine, James’ life changed forever. As a result of speaking to Jack, James became aware of PTSD. After researching PTSD, James wrote a book about it to share all of these epiphanies with the world. 

James has now become a certified coach to help people overcome their obstacles and challenges so that they can live their best life.

Coach James


  • Where do you see clients?
    I work via Zoom (worldwide), meaning you can stay in the comfort of your own home - or be wherever is convenient for you.
  • How long is a session?
    All coaching sessions are 60 minutes.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    Let’s begin with a no-fee call. This is an informal chat to get to know each other, and if we’re a good fit. I only work with people I feel I connect with, otherwise without rapport results will be minimal. Click here to book your call.
  • How much are coaching sessions?
    Individual sessions are £65
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Sometimes I have promotions available on my Instagram page if you follow @coachjamesuk.
  • When do you see clients?
    Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm (time is in UK GMT) Saturday: 9am-6pm (time is in UK GMT) Sunday: Closed

If you are ready, let's talk!

Book a no-fee call today so we can chat and plot the best way forward that works for you.

Click the button below to claim your free coaching call.

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