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From the desk of Coach James

Learn from my biggest life lesson to thrive in 2024 and make it your best year.

The idea of life being a struggle and hard work is something I have learned to live and put up with as just being the way life is. Growing up with a disability [ I was in a car crash which left me with a brain injury that presents itself like cerebral palsy] naturally makes life harder than it is for those living without a disability. On the upside, being gifted with more challenging living conditions has made me more determined and disciplined to do whatever it takes to succeed.

The downside of being disciplined and determined is it can lead a person to driving themselves to destruction – I know from first-hand experience – expelling everything you’ve got going after what you want, taking no prisoners along the way, lord help anyone who gets in the way. It becomes hard to let anyone help and support you, because in that hell-bent determined mind of yours nobody can do anything as well as you can. So help and assistance is never sort.

In my pursuit of becoming the best version of myself, and doing everything by myself, believing that nobody can do anything as well as I can, or put as my effort in as me – I have died trying (almost) and burned myself out. The merry-go-round of feeling emotionally-exhausted leading to suicidal ideation from taking on too many things and spinning multiple plates at once is the price paid for doing everything by alone.

I know that asking for help will make life easier and better – more bearable – but I’m not used to living an easy life, and in a small way that scares me. When the going gets tough the tough get going. If the going’s not tough, what then?

I can foresee that all the energy saved by not trying to do everything alone could be spent on better things that light me up rather than pursuits that drain the life out of me.

Someone once said, “Win by doing what you are good at and let somebody else do what you suck at. Once you adapt to the notion that you may suck at some things and move on to embrace a new way of living the faster things will improve.

Change is frightening so we resist it at all costs, but the cost is often our health and wellbeing and we are unaware that our resistance to change is self-sabotaging our happiness and keeping us from living a life of love and joy. What we resist persists, and we wonder why we feel stuck and unable to move on. Moving on looks like changing direction and not stalling by refusing to move from what is safe and familiar.

Feeling stuck is a sign that change is required, a time to re-focus, re-strategies, and forge a new path to a better place than where you are now. We get what we tolerate. Refuse to tolerate a life that is not the life you want.

People will give up on their dreams to meet their needs. Most often those needs are safety and comfort.

We often put off doing something different or starting a new thing until Monday, after our birthday, the New Moon, or the New Year. When that pivotal date arrives, we realise that the effort required to change is far superior than we anticipated and remaining where we are, in inertia is easier than embracing the scary unknown that is change.

As the New Year of 2024 is coming, I invite you to embrace the suck and stop putting up with a life that is not lighting you up. Every next level requires a next level of you, and to get there life coaching can help you achieve that. The sooner you seek out help and guidance, the sooner you can stop feeling stuck and unhappy with your life.

I have spent many years trying to make my life better and be the best version of myself. The one thing that has helped me do that is personal development and life coaching. If you want your life to evolve into something better, you’ll need to evolve into the person that is able to enjoy the evolution.

Since 2012 I have been on the personal development path, I have been personally coached by some of the world’s best coaches and I’ve learned from them how to be a better version of yourself, and that is by changing and doing things you have not done before.

I have made it my mission to help you become the person you want to be so you can live the life you want. By becoming a certified professional life coach, I have the skills and knowledge to enable me to help you create the life you are dreaming about, the one where you can feel happy and fulfilled.

Make 2024 your year by learning to ask for help and support. Get the help you need in order to start living your best life.

I offer a bespoke (custom designed) coaching package that is individually tailored to your specific needs and wants. There is no one size fits all when it comes to personal growth, which is why I will work one-on-one with you to get you the best results achievable, if you are prepared to put in the work required to make it happen.

Make your move and commit to making 2024 the year where you will achieve all those things you have been promising yourself but putting off and robbing you of the life you want. Evolve and grow into the person you have always wanted to become through personal coaching.

Contact me now to start your journey to becoming a better version of yourself. The version you need to become to create the life you want to live, and get away from the life you endure that drains you of the fulfilment and satisfaction you seek.

Let’s have a conversation and discuss how I can help you get the results you want. I don’t want you to give up on your dreams, and let another year pass you by where you had some great ideas but never acted upon them.

Contact me by clicking the button bellow.


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