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From the desk of Coach James

This Hollywood trend can help you get better in life.

As a massive sci-fi movie fan, I was excited to learn that Paramount is finally starting to think about a new Star Trek movie, the last movie in the franchise was released in 2016. However, the news that it might be a prequel movie about a time before the adventures of Kirk, quickly extinguished my enthusiasm for the new film.

Lots of the big franchises are doing prequel movies, concentrating on origin stories, and not spending their big budgets [now not so big] on new action adventures.

Why should we be interested in origin stories and how our heroines became the heroes we love to watch on the silver screen? In learning the origin story, we can put things into context and come to an understanding of why someone behaves the way they do and how their badass nature was came about.

Going back to your own origin story can help you understand why you do the things you do today, and what may be holding you back. Understanding yourself is the first step in becoming a better version of yourself.

In my new book I’m currently writing, I use the example of if you got a new car you’d want to know how to get the best performance out of your new motor, and what all the buttons do on the dashboard. Being a person is the same, you need to learn how to get the best out of yourself, what makes you tick, and how to improve your performance, and correct abnormalities. And you probably took a test drive of the vehicle to see if it was right for you?

I coach a lot of people, and when I ask them why they are doing things a certain way, they respond with; “Because that’s how I’ve always done it.”

It’s part of the human condition that as a species we like what’s familiar because we know the outcome and it’s a safe bet that things won’t go wrong and we don’t fear the worst. So, we stay doing things that we are used to do, because change is scary. If we never change and evolve, we’ll just repeat the day before for ever, and wonder why life sucks?

If you examine your origin story – childhood upbringing, and how you came into this world – you can start to see why you do the things you do, and notice patterns that are frequently showing up in your life, that are no longer serving you. Once you notice out-dated patterns and behaviours, you can look for new and better ways of doing things that will improve the way things are, so you don’t feel stagnant and stuck in your life. That saying: old ways won’t open new doors, springs to mind.

Although I am an advocate for looking ahead not on backwards, as you’re not going that way, it is good to know, understand and be familiar with our origin story. Being aware of the past can be useful but don’t focus on it because, you get what you focus on.


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