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From the desk of Coach James

The never-ending sports day of life.

Life is a roller coaster, and you just got to ride it. I think that’s how the lyric went in one of the songs they play at the gym this morning. Either way, I don’t care much for the song as a whole, but is life a roller coaster? If it were a loop-da-loop ride with ups and twists to the downs; then yes, it could be compared to life. But life is not a roller coaster, or any other fairground ride for that matter. Being on a ride implies you have the option to get off it – the safety rail is firmly shafting us and not giving the option to stop and disembark your life’ journey.

I see life more as an egg and spoon race. No sheer ups and downs, that leave your stomach in your mouth, no G-force coming at you, taking your hair off, nope none of that adrenaline-junkie exciting stuff.

An egg and spoon race has no highs and lows, you have people chasing you, and you have to concentrate. If you drop your egg, you must stop and rescue it and say bad words to yourself and then get on with it again – this sounds more like life to me. It’s a constant balancing act, with people after you, and you want to get there first… life.

Unlike a roller coaster you cannot kick and scream, then get off. No, an egg and spoon race can seem longer than it is: how much further do I have to keep this f*cking egg on this bleeding spoon for; my foot is killing me – that sounds like life to me. You don’t want egg on your face, but in time you just get used to it.

If my description of life being like an egg and spoon race does not accurately describe what your life is like – you’re missing out – you are very lucky. For many people, especially those affected by trauma and long-term stress, I feel an egg and spoon race is a good representation of what life looks like for them.

Living a life that feels out of control, constantly fearful of dropping the metaphorical  egg, or doing something wrong. Always feeling chased, rushed, the need to go as fast as you possibly can, and keep up with those around you. The egg crashing to the ground and cracking, having to stop and pick it up and try to get in a winning-rhythmical stride again, without losing your balance or being run into by your arch-rival Karen from the year above.

For those people (myself included) affected by trauma and its associated parts, experiencing life as a Sports Day event that never ends, is exhausting. Constantly feeling chased and rushed, and fearful that things will go wrong. Life on a roller coaster in comparison would be a lot more fun.

You don’t have to have experienced a major life trauma to feel like life is a Sport’s Day competition, trauma shows up in many guises but what it mostly boils down to is trauma and life is an overwhelming amount of stress, that becomes all encompassing if we do not learn how to deal with it.

Learning to slow down, relax and breathe, is a very simple sounding piece of advice. It’s only when you try to slow down and breathe do you realise it’s not that easy, when your body is primed to do something other than relax. Just for now, take a breath and ask yourself how you can be less stressed in this moment, and do that.

Once the roller coaster has started, you have to ride it right to the end. Life, you are in control, and if you want to stop to catch your breath you can. If it gets too much know that you are in the drivers’ seat and have the power to stop if you want to. Remember who is in control of your life.


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